Empty Orchestra: The open source karaoke party

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Play your karaoke library on your computer or have a karaoke party with friends. Emptyorchestra is your own personal KJ!


Just download and run the executable for your platform. Friends on your network can join in by scanning the QR code in the top left corner, entering their user name, and that’s it!

Emptyorchestra takes care of the rest!

You can even elect users from the main control window to be able to control the party.


Find karaoke songs on the internet as well as local files!

You can pull in your personal karaoke library, as well as find karaoke songs on the internet!

Save your favorites for later, suggest me songs I might like!

Emptyorchestra can allow you to store a personal favorites list. Not sure what you want to sing, Emptyorchestra can automatically generate suggestions based on your favorites!